As a prospective adoptive parent or birth parent in Philadelphia, there are many local resources and professionals available to assist you through the adoption process. Most professionals can answer your questions about how to adopt a baby or place a baby for adoption in Pennsylvania. Peruse the guide below for links and more information.

Additional resources for expectant mothers and adoptive parents throughout the state can be found on our website Pennsylvania Guide

Completing the Home Study in Philadelphia

For adoptive parents, the home study is one of the most important parts of every adoption and foster care process. The Pennsylvania home study includes criminal history and child abuse registry checks, as well as interviews with the adoptive applicants and all adults and children residing in the applicant's home.

To get started, contact a home study provider in your area:

Near Philadelphia:

In Pennsylvania:

Philadelphia Adoption Agencies and Adoption Professionals

One of the first steps for birth mothers and adoptive parents in the adoption process is to choose an adoption professional. You will work with your adoption professional to get the services and support you need through every step of the adoption process.

Here are some agencies near you that can help out in addition to our team here at Adoption Network.

Become a Foster Parent in Philadelphia

To become a foster parent in Philadelphia, one must complete the following:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Attend training
  • Have a current physical
  • Pass a home inspection
  • Undergo a background check
  • Create a family profile with a social worker
  • Obtain references from non-family members

Contact any of these local agencies if you need help:

Hospitals in Philadelphia

The time spent in the hospital when the baby is born can be very emotional. It is important that the rights of all parties are respected.

If you are an expectant mother, you must create an adoption plan for your baby. You will work with your adoption professional and your delivery hospital to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are some hospitals near you to contact and get started.

Legal Considerations in Philadelphia

Adoptive parents and expectant mothers in Philadelphia must adhere to laws outlined by the State of Pennsylvania. Find this information here Pennsylvania Guide. It is important for everyone involved in the adoption process to understand these laws to ensure that nobody is denied their rights.

Visit The Philadelphia Courts for additional legal information about adoption in Philadelphia.

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