Our use of the terms “putting up” or “giving up” does not reflect how we feel about adoptive placement. These terms remain the most widely used search terms for those who are considering adoption for their baby, and we wish to reach all who seek this important information.

Unplanned Pregnancy Options in Pennsylvania

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can have a distressing effect on a women’s life, especially if your life has been carefully organized with structure and future plans. Whether you are single, married, young or raising a family, if unplanned, a pregnancy can cause high levels of anxiety and depression. Before jumping immediately into something you could possibly end up regretting, take a moment to look into your options. You may not think options are something you have available to you, but you do. Take some time to research avenues before you make any type of decision. We promise that arming yourself with knowledge will give you the power and confidence to get you through this trying time and make the right decision to best fit your life.

If you find yourself dealing with a pregnancy that is unplanned and you reside in the state of Pennsylvania here some options for you to consider:

Considering Abortion in Pennsylvania

Finding out that you are pregnant can be overwhelming for any woman, but an unexpected pregnancy can be downright terrifying. Although there are other paths to choose, some women feel abortion is the only viable answer to putting their life back together. If this is something you feel you want and need to look into, make sure you research every detail pertaining to abortion and what goes into making this decision.

While abortion is one of the safest surgical procedures done in the United States, the health risks depend primarily on whether it is performed safely or unsafely. Make sure to thoroughly research the doctor who you will be working with, and the location where the procedure will be performed. What have others said about him/her and his/her practice? It is perfectly logical to rely on “feelings” at this point. It’s an extremely personal choice and you want to be comfortable with who will be doing the procedure.

Like many other states, Pennsylvania has rules and restrictions regarding this option. You will want to familiarize yourself with Pennsylvania law regarding abortion before you make your decision.

The following Pennsylvania restrictions on abortion went into effect May 1, 2018 –

Parenting Your Child in Pennsylvania

Making the choice to parent your baby is a huge decision that may leave the parents-to-be overwhelmed with no idea of where to turn to next. Although the state of Pennsylvania has many programs that can help guide you along the way as you raise your child, you will need to decide where you are in your current life and if your lifestyle can support parenting your baby. There are many questions you will want to look at and answer honestly before you begin your journey.

The answer to each of these questions will be different for everyone. Do not think any less of yourself if, after looking honestly at each, you come to the conclusion that parenting is not right for you at this point and time in your life.

The financial responsibility alone of raising a child today can play a huge factor in your decision. In the State of Pennsylvania it is estimated that raising a child to the age of 17 can reach $253,770. This number includes costs for food, housing, health care, transportation and other necessities. However, it does not include college, so you can expect to pay more. Families living in rural Pennsylvania will pay less, at $193,000 per child. The state of Pennsylvania is $20,000 more expensive than the nationwide cost, the main reason is the cost of housing which makes up the largest portion of child rearing.

If you have made the decision to parent your child alone or with a partner but are struggling to make ends meet, there are several programs and groups that can offer assistance. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP can help with groceries, food and perishable items by purchasing food with stamps and grants. Increasing purchasing power at supermarkets and grocery stores helps single or struggling parents make better nutrition choices. There are several locations of Pennsylvania Food Banks helping families and single parents in emergency situations by receiving free food. Child Care Works might be of help with high daycare cost assistance if you qualify by meeting income guidelines.

Click here to learn more about the State of Pennsylvania’s other programs that can help you along in your parenting journey.

Choosing Adoption in Pennsylvania for your unborn baby

Facing an unplanned pregnancy in the state of Pennsylvania can make for a scary time in any woman’s life. Knowing that you have options and carefully researching each of them will help ease some of your anxiety. Are you considering adoption for your baby? If you are, please know immediately you are in no way “giving up your baby” but instead offering them a chance at a life you might not be able to provide. It is a loving and courageous choice and the fact that you are considering this option shows what an amazing mother you already are! Making the careful choice to give your child a better life will be the biggest and best decision you could ever make for them.

  • Find your Adoption Advisor in Pennsylvania – Whether you decide to work with a lawyer, an adoption agency or a facilitator, this will be a very important first step for you to decide. The good news is Pennsylvania is home to many wonderful groups and individuals who are ready and willing to help you begin this process. However as with anything important, you will want to do your research about those with whom you are interested in working. They will talk to you about your needs and desires and what is most important for your baby. A good adoption professional will let you lead the way and will support you in any decision you make. They are there for you and your baby. Their job is to make this journey as easy and seamless as possible. You want to know that whoever you decide on will be the right person for your situation!
  • Choose a Family for Your Baby – Once you have made the choice to find a forever family for your baby, the next big important step will be to find the family that is right for your baby. Your Adoption Advisor will be your guide and help support you in finding the perfect family. They will show you profiles of families or couples with information about their background, lifestyle, culture, home life, religious preferences, etc. Take your time in going over all the different pieces of information. There is no rush, and if you do feel like you are being pressured then pause the process so that you may find someone more suitable to assist you. This is your choice and yours alone. You know what you want for your child and the life you dream for them. Meet with families and ask questions. Ask to see pictures and/or videos of their life together as a couple or family. This will be your best indicator as to the type of life your baby will have. You’ll know when the right family comes along!
  • Decide on the right adoption plan for you – Your Adoption Advisor will help you put in a place an adoption plan to follow throughout your journey. An adoption plan is simple: it will be a guideline of your wants and desires for you and your baby. Whether you have decided on an open, semi-open or closed adoption your plan will ensure everyone will be on the same page. This will undoubtedly give you a sense of peace knowing the choice is yours. Your wishes and desires for your baby will be met and follow through is certain!
  • Pennsylvania Adoption Cost – Financial stress should never prevent a birth mother from deciding on the choice of adoption for her baby. This is one reason why the adoption process is 100% free for expectant mothers. Although it is never legal for pregnant women to accept money to consent to adoption, in many states it is legally permissible for birth mother expenses to be taken care of by the adopting parents. You can find help with medical expenses, hospital stays, clothes, rent, transportation and food. Counseling and legal expenses are free to women facing an unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania and choosing adoption for their baby. Knowing financial stress will not be something to worry about during your pregnancy will take much of the pressure and anxiety away. The most important thing for you do is take care of yourself and your baby. Having peace of mind will go a long way in ensuring a smooth and worry free journey for you and your baby.

For more information or to talk with one of our adoption specialist please call Adoption Network Law Center. We are here to help in any way we can!