Whether you are pregnant and thinking about adoption for your baby or a family hoping to grow through adoption, you will need a variety of services and support throughout the adoption process. The guide below provides everything to need to understand and begin your journey, from home study professionals to legal information in the city of Columbus.

Additional resources for expectant mothers and adoptive parents throughout Ohio can be found on our website Ohio Guide.

Completing the Home Study in Columbus

Adoptive parents will go through a process of personal interviews, background checks, a safety inspection and more, as part of the necessary home study process. We've listed some qualified and trusted home study providers below. They will ensure you are in compliance with all state laws and requirements.

Near Columbus:

  • Adoption by Gentle Care
  • 800-824-9633
  • Adoption by Gentle Care is a state licensed, nonprofit, full service adoption agency whose accredited adoption assessors offer domestic adoption home studies throughout Ohio.
  • Adoption Circle
  • 800-927-7222
  • Adoption Circle is a state licensed, full-service, nonprofit adoption agency that provides home study and other services to adoptive families and birth parents in Ohio.

In Ohio:

  • Building Blocks Adoption Service, Inc.
  • 866-321-2367
  • Building Blocks Adoptions is an Ohio-licensed Christian adoption agency that offers services through its domestic, embryo and international adoption programs.
  • Adoption STAR
  • 513-631-3900
  • Adoption STAR will conduct home studies for prospective clients in Ohio as well as New York and Florida.

Columbus Adoption Agencies and Adoption Professionals

Throughout the adoption process, most prospective birth parents and hopeful adoptive families choose to use a professional adoption service. Along with Adoption Network, the professional you choose will be your go-to source for education, support and the services you need to complete your adoption.

We've included links to some adoption professionals near you in Columbus below.

Become a Foster Parent in Columbus

Couples and individuals considering foster care in Columbus must meet the requirements of the state of Ohio and those of their chosen agency. For prospective foster parents in Ohio, these requirements are similar to those of a home study involved in adopting a baby.

If you are interested in becoming a foster family, contact one of the local sources below.

Hospitals in Columbus

If you are an expectant mother pursuing adoption, you will need to establish a hospital plan. This involves working with Adoption Network and your health care provider to make decisions about your labor and delivery process. We've listed hospitals that offer maternity services near you in Columbus below.

Legal Considerations

The process of adopting a baby or placing a baby up for adoption involves significant legislation. Read up on pertinent legal information to make sure that the rights of all parties are respected and that necessary regulations are enforced. Legal adoption information for the state of Ohio can be found here Ohio Guide.

County courts can answer additional questions you may have. The adoption process will be finalized in court. Find information about your local courthouse by clicking the links below.

Local Attractions

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