Adoption Disruption: How to Financially Protect Yourself

During the adoption process, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. There are many factors involved, and sometimes the needs, worries, and emotions of others can get in the way of placing a child with their adoptive family. One of the most difficult instances of this is adoption disruption. When this happens, a child can… Read Full Article

Dealing with Unsupportive Parents and Family Members

On both ends of the adoption spectrum, you may deal with unsupportive family members and parents. Whether you’re an expectant mother considering an adoption plan for your child, or you’re considering adopting a child into your family, you may run the risk of pushback from some of the people you care about most. Of course, finding that… Read Full Article

Adoption Choices for Expectant Parents

There are many adoption choices you will be asked to make during your pregnancy. Once you start your adoption plan, you will need to choose an adoptive family, decide how much contact you want with them during your pregnancy and if you want to maintain contact after you place your child into his/her new home. Unless a court has… Read Full Article

Do I Get To Meet The Adoptive Parents?

In most domestic adoption situations, if you want, you can choose the adoptive parent(s). This may be done through reviewing adoptive parent(s) profiles at an adoption agency or with an attorney (where allowed), looking for an adoptive family on the Internet or by asking everyone you know (“word of mouth”) if they know anyone who wants to adopt. Through… Read Full Article

Does placing my baby for adoption make me a bad person?

When I was making the decision whether or not to place my baby for adoption, I struggled with this same question. Unfortunately, there is a lot of shame placed on women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. We are oftentimes thought of as irresponsible and careless. On top of that shame placed on us, there is still… Read Full Article

Adoption in one word

Adoption is often times a beautifully complex journey for both adopting parents and the birth parents. It can be a time filled with joy, love, and hope but also a time of uncertainty, lack of control, and anxiety. Everyone’s adoption journey is so different and unique. When I think of adoption, the word that comes… Read Full Article

9 Things We Want Adoptive Parents To Know About Us

The relationship between adoptive parents and birth parents can sometimes be very difficult to navigate. Although we are going through this journey together, it can sometimes feel like we are in two completely different worlds. Understanding one another can help to break down the barriers that can come up throughout the process. I asked birthmothers… Read Full Article

The Birthmother Experience: We Didn’t Give Up

I can’t tell you how many times someone has said to me “so you gave up your baby for adoption.” I really try to give most people the benefit of the doubt because, unfortunately, there is a huge lack of adoption education in the world. But this is probably one of the phrases that evokes… Read Full Article

The Birthmother Experience: What Does Healing Mean To Us

I was talking with someone about my adoption journey recently and I was stopped in my tracks by the question “do you think you have fully healed from your experience?” It was a question I had never been asked and quite frankly something I had never really thought about. It made me start to think… Read Full Article

Will There be Counseling Available to Me After Adoption Placement?

This seemingly simple question can actually be very complicated. Is there counseling available? Sure. No problem. Will it automatically be made available to you post-placement? Not necessarily. It all depends on three factors. First, who is handling your adoption? Is it your private family attorney? An agency? Someone else? One major thing an agency has… Read Full Article

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