Adoption Disruption: How to Financially Protect Yourself

During the adoption process, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. There are many factors involved, and sometimes the needs, worries, and emotions of others can get in the way of placing a child with their adoptive family. One of the most difficult instances of this is adoption disruption.

When this happens, a child can no longer be placed with the adoptive family for a number of different reasons. Adoption disruption can happen, and oftentimes finances are involved. Fortunately, there is financial protection that may allow for some of the finances to be returned for when, and if, an adoption disruption occurs provided by Adoption Network.

Why You Need Financial Protection Financial Protection

The cost of adoption can be very high, so when an adoption disruption occurs, you can be out of a lot of money. In addition to the heartache, pain, and emotions involved in not being able to place a child, the financial devastation that comes with it can cause a lot of serious problems for the adoptive family as well as the Birth Mother and father.

For some adoptive families, an adoptive disruption without financial protection makes it next to impossible to attempt an adoption again because they simply do not have the funds to begin the process all over. This could mean that a child misses out on a wonderful, loving family to grow up with, as well as financial hardship for the adoptive family themselves.

If you are entitled to financial protection, you can avoid this harrowing pitfall, protect your finances, and still be placed with a child.

How We Can Help

Adoption Network Law Center focuses on building a trusting relationship with its Birth Mothers as well as fostering a trusting relationship between the Birth Mother and her Adopting Parents. This relationship helps identify a Birth Mother’s needs and helps us understand her commitment to her adoption plan. This is incredibly important because, if the communication between Adoption Network and our Birth Mothers is not completely clear, there is a higher risk of an adoption disruption due to the Birth Mother changing her mind. We do all that is possible to avoid this from happening, and it starts with laying a foundation of trust and complete honesty with all of our clients.

Adoption Network Law Center’s commitment to the Birth Mother support system is extremely successful in creating a comfort level with Birth Mothers and understanding the factors and circumstances that have led her to adoption helps Adoption Network Law Center analyze her commitment to the adoption. Through conversation, interaction and an extensive screening process, we can gather the needs and wants of a Birth Mother, thereby drawing up the perfect adoption plan for her and her child.

Being Prepared

Being prepared While there is no way to guarantee against a Birth Mother changing her mind or an unforeseen health issue with the baby, Adoption Network Law Center stands by its commitment to provide every Adopting Family with services until a successful adoption is achieved. Adoption Network Law Center will continue to provide services at no additional cost because all expenses are mentioned upfront. In addition, circumstances may provide for a refund of Birth Mother support

All in all, working with Adoption Network Law Center takes a very severe risk out of the adoption process. In the event of a disruption, we can give you peace of mind when it comes to financial and moral support. We understand how important it is to be placed with a child you can love and care for as they grow, and we don’t want these dreams inhibited by an adoption disruption. It is important to be prepared for such an event, but should it happen, you don’t have to worry about never adopting a child due to financial hardship. We will work with you.

Written by Jason Granillo

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