Coping with Postpartum Depression

You’ve just had a baby. You were expecting to look and feel like the celebrity moms that grace the covers of supermarket magazines—completely put together and blissfully serene. However, in reality, you feel that you are neither of these things. You don’t feel like yourself and you are having some feelings of moodiness or sadness.… Read Full Article

Recovery After Delivery

After your baby arrives your body changes as it returns to your pre-pregnancy state. The bigger the baby, the tougher the recovery. Postpartum is from delivery to 6 weeks following delivery. But take heart—recovery after delivery won’t last forever! Physical Changes Bleeding and vaginal discharge (lochia) – Your body will continue to cleanse the uterus and… Read Full Article

How Soon After Birth do Adoptive Parents Take the Baby?

If you have made a private adoption plan prior to giving birth, the adoptive parents typically take the baby home directly from the hospital. In fact, as long as you agree, and your attorney or placing agency has made the arrangements, most hospitals will allow the adopting parents to visit with the baby as soon as the… Read Full Article

What Happens After Adoption?

When deciding to place a child with an adoptive family, there may be a lot of unanswered questions about what will it be like after the adoption. Here are some basic facts to give you an idea of what to expect. The biggest mystery of the adoption process for a birth mother may be what… Read Full Article

Origin Stories and Adoption

At times, origin stories and adoption intertwine. My placed son, Cricket, has become very interested in origin stories. He shares with me a love of caped crusaders. His interest is particularly in how superheroes and villains came to be. Many include origin stories and adoption. He told me about some of the stories he has… Read Full Article

Ask the Adoption Coach: Meeting My Birth Daughter

Reader: Next month I am going to be meeting with my daughter that I placed for adoption, almost 20 years ago. We have met up once before, but in a room with 4 other people. This time it will be just her and  me. I am nervous, but excited. I would love to get an… Read Full Article

Ask the Adoption Coach: Open or Closed Adoption?

Reader: Open adoption or private adoption? New to this site with regard to my daughter who is only 15. She has decided to put her baby up for adoption due to the circumstances and because she is only 15… so many questions! Dear Reader: First, if possible, I recommend finding an independent counselor (not one… Read Full Article

Birth Father Involvement: One Birth Mother’s Struggle

A negative experience with the birth father isn’t uncommon. Like many other birth moms, I had a negative experience with the birth father. He acted like he didn’t care. He said one thing but did another. He was constantly telling me how much he loved me and his daughter, Josie. How badly he wanted to be… Read Full Article

My Daughter’s Birth Father

Birth mother, Haley Kirkpatrick, shares her experience with the birth father, who wanted no involvement with the pregnancy or birth of their child. When I told the birth father that I was expecting, his first response was to try and deny that the child could be his. Even though he knew that our one sexual encounter was my… Read Full Article

Should You Hire an Adoption Consultant?

The world of adoption can be a confusing one for hopeful Adoptive Parents. Adoption is a legal process, but the emotions (and finances) involved and the inability to control almost every aspect can make it terrifying. Who can you trust? When you decide to take that step, to commit to the process that will build… Read Full Article

Adoption Pictures Show Birth Mother Pain

I came across some heart-wrenching adoption pictures of our son’s birth mother. While looking through old pictures to attach to recent blogs, I came across some heart wrenching adoption pictures of our son’s birth mother. It was a picture taken at a hotel when our son was just a mere 3 days old. This was… Read Full Article

A Birth Mom She Can Be Proud Of

I am a birth mom. Some things about my identity are obvious and unremarkable. I am a female, a daughter, a friend, an employee, and I am Caucasian. If one were to scratch the surface, one would learn that I am also an only child, an only grandchild on my mother’s side, and also that… Read Full Article

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