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FAQs - Adopting A Baby

Are you interested in adoption, but have questions you need answered? Adoption Network Law Center is here to help with our most frequently asked questions. For even more information, schedule a FREE ADOPTION CONSULTATION today with a professional Adoption Consultant. Make sure that you have all the information you need to make the best decision to build your family.
Schedule a FREE ADOPTION CONSULTATION today with a professional Adoption Consultant to ensure that you have all the information you need to make the best decision to build your family.
Choosing the right adoption professional is crucial and there are a number of factors to consider, including:
  • size of the organization
  • national presence, longevity in business, and
  • recent history of success
Adoption Network Law Center is not an adoption agency. It is a law center that successfully completes about 200-250 adoptions per year.
As part of the screening process, Adoption Network Law Center will obtain as much information as possible about the Birth Parents' health history, ethnicity and social background. Adoption Network Law Center will also seek a release from the Birth Mother to obtain her prenatal medical records.
On average, Adoption Network Law Center Adopting Parents are selected by a Birth Mother within 4-13 months*. Adoption Network Law Center is a leading internet advertiser of adoption services, with prominent nationwide advertising campaigns to attract Birth Mothers. Adoption Network Law Center appears in the top results in leading search engines for adoption-related search terms and engages in substantial Birth Mother outreach programs. Wait times may also be affected by factors such as being gender specific or limiting the Birth Mother circumstances to which you are open.
* Testimonials, endorsements, past performance and statistical data do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.
The total fees for an adoption are comprised of multiple elements. Each adoption is unique and the fees vary, but Adoption Network Law Center strives to maintain affordable adoptions while doing all they can to ensure successful results. It is important to be aware of all of the costs related to an adoption and you must make sure that the entities you compare are quoting all fees involved, not just their service fees, before you compare the bottom line. Adoption costs may include:
  1. Adoption professionals' service fees
  2. Marketing expenses to secure a Birth Mother
  3. Home study fees
  4. Birth Mother expenses
  5. Legal fees
  6. Travel expenses
There are financial resources and programs available to help you with your adoption costs.
Adoption Network Law Center focuses on building a trusting relationship with its Birth Mothers and helping to foster a trusting relationship between the Birth Mother and her Adopting Parents. This relationship helps identify a Birth Mother’s needs and helps us understand her commitment to her adoption plan.
Adoption Network Law Center’s commitment to the Birth Mother support system is extremely successful in creating a comfort level with Birth Mothers and understanding the factors and circumstances that have led her to adoption helps Adoption Network Law Center analyze her commitment to the adoption.
While there is no way to guarantee against a Birth Mother changing her mind or an unforeseen health issue with the baby, Adoption Network Law Center stands by its commitment to provide every Adopting Family with services until a successful adoption is achieved.
Adoption Network Law Center will continue to provide services at no additional cost. In addition, circumstances may provide for a refund of Birth Mother support.
Adoption Network Law Center can assist you in obtaining financing for your adoption. Our Adopting Families have taken advantage of several financing programs, including:
  • Easy, affordable financing available
  • Signature loans that may cover 100% of your adoption costs:
    • Interest rates as low as 5.99%
    • No pre-payment penalties
  • Real estate secured loan
    • Interest rates, starting in the 4% range
    • Attractive loans to value terms
    • None of the costs traditionally associated with real estate secured loans for inspections, appraisals, etc
  • Federal Adoption Benefits
    The maximum tax credit for 2014 is $13,190 per child. For more information, consult your tax professional and visit:
  • State Tax Credit
    Some states may also offer tax credit for your adoption. Please consult with your tax professional for more information.
  • Military Adoption Benefit
    Eligible soldiers serving on active duty may qualify for financial assistance in their adoption. For more information, visit: Federal Benefits Adoption Assistance
  • Employer Assistance
    Many employers offer adoption benefits for their employees, including paid leave and reimbursement for expenses. Be sure to check with your Human Resources Department to see what your employer offers.
  • Adoption Grants and Fundraising
    Various organizations offer adoption grants based on factors such as need, religion, location or type of adoption. Some Adopting Families get unique with their own personal fundraising efforts in their community. Contact Adoption Network Law Center to learn more.
State law will determine when the Birth Parents' decision is final. Typically this cannot be done until after the baby is born. Depending on the state in which the Birth Parents reside, there may be a time frame within which the Birth Parents may rescind their relinquishment.
A home study is required for every adoption. A home study is a written report of the findings from a social worker who has met with you on several occasions. If there are other people living in your home, they will also be interviewed by the social worker. The home study highlights items such as your relationships, interactions with children, neighborhood, and childhood. A home study also requires all adults living in your home to receive an FBI fingerprint background clearance. The home study helps Adoption Network Law Center and the courts determine if a stable environment exists for a family to receive an adoptive placement. The cost of a home study can vary greatly depending on the area of the country in which you reside and the adoption agency that completes it.
Simply call 1-800-367-2367 or complete the convenient . Once you decide to move forward, you will be sent all the paperwork necessary to start your adoption journey.

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