During this holiday season we want to tell you that this is the right choice to start or grow your family. My husband and I started this journal ast year and now find out selves with our sweet baby girl. She is everything to us and it is all thanks to Adoption Network and the… Read Full Article


ANLC has helped us make our dreams of having a family a reality. After years of infertility and waiting for a miracle, ANLC helped us complete our family. They were with us through every step of the process and continue to check in on us, 6 months later. ANLC made adopting attainable. With their help,… Read Full Article


Because you are reading this, you are clients of ANLC. Let me first say, you made the right choice. My husband and I adopted in 2009 and 2013. The first adoption we were matched in 4 months. The second adoption was over a year. Either way, the wait can be full of anxiety, full of… Read Full Article


My wife and I are getting close to celebrating our first year with our son and the people at ANLC made that possible! They were here with us from the beginning to the end. Through the adoption that did not quite work out until we had our perfect baby boy! It took us some time… Read Full Article


My husband and I are so grateful for the pivotal role ANLC played in our adoption journey. We have been blessed with three amazing biological daughters, but we both knew that one day we would like to adopt. We didn’t have a clue where to begin. From our very first Skype meeting with Betsy, we… Read Full Article


At start, I (husband) didn’t even know you could adopt newborns and from the beginning (2010) ANLC was there for us and encouraged us in so many ways so to be patient as well as work through a few obstacles along the way. Never once did ANLC doubt that our miracle of gifted life would… Read Full Article


What a fantastic experience! If you’ve chosen ANLC you’re on the right path. It is truly a journey with a wide array of emotions but the journey is worth it. Being parents has brought my wife and I a level of joy and happiness we never thought before possible. From the day we called ANLC… Read Full Article


My husband and I started the adoption process last February. It was hard for us at first to reach out to ANLC. We were nervous, excited, and scared of what the process was going to be like. From the start, ANLC guided us with great care, step by step, through the paperwork, profile pictures, etc.… Read Full Article


It has almost been 3 months that we brought home our beautiful bundle of joy and answer to prayer! ANLC has been an absolutely amazing staff full of compassion, caring and loving people that have made this experience full of support, constant education and guidance to make it a smooth process. Creating a bond and… Read Full Article


Each of our adoptions were met with different experiences, challenges, and heart warming experiences that helped us know that we each have a plan that is greater than us. When we came to ANLC we had already successfully adopted once through a private situation. The second time after a year of trying on our own… Read Full Article


We adopted our daughter in 2013 and our son in 2015. We were nervous, scared, excited and anxious about adoption but ANLC helped us through the whole process from beginning to end. With their help we received the two most wonderful gifts from God and we thank God every day for the blessings. Read Full Article


ANLC helped us find our miracle. Our site went live in July 2013 and in May 2014 we received the call that our precious daughter was born! Although the waiting is tough the ANLC staff was always there reaching out and reassuring us. Our adoption hit a small snag (nothing to do with the ANLC… Read Full Article


We started our adoption process with ANLC back in November of 2013. Everyone that we worked with was so awesome and supportive and help guide us through the whole process. They wanted to make sure we had the best resources. Our profile went live in December of 2013 and we got a call in May… Read Full Article


ANLC was wonderful and we have a beautiful baby girl. Our first birthmother changed her mind on the second day. When we returned home ANLC was there for us to get through it. Within 2 weeks we were placed with another birthmother. But that didn’t work out. We were placed with third and final birthmother… Read Full Article


ANLC was our choice when we decided to adopt a baby. I’m not going to lie be prepared for all the necessary paperwork you will need to fill out. Rest assure it will all be worth it at the end. We joined ANLC in late May 2014 and when we finished our profiles and went… Read Full Article

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