My husband and I started the adoption process last February. It was hard for us at first to reach out to ANLC. We were nervous, excited, and scared of what the process was going to be like. From the start, ANLC guided us with great care, step by step, through the paperwork, profile pictures, etc. We never felt alone even during the hardest part – waiting for a match! We received a call this past summer, which changed our life in ways we could never have expected. ANLC was there with us the whole way. We never questioned what the next step was or who to call or what to do next. We are so grateful for our experience, and I would not change a thing – not even some of the heart ache we had leading us to this amazing experience. Adoption opened our hearts in ways we couldn’t imagine. Waiting is by far the hardest part, but in the end, every minute you wait for your call is worth it a thousand times over when you’re holding your precious baby. Thank you for all your guidance ANLC.

Written by Jason Granillo

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