During this holiday season we want to tell you that this is the right choice to start or grow your family. My husband and I started this journal ast year and now find out selves with our sweet baby girl. She is everything to us and it is all thanks to Adoption Network and the great people they have working their.

I know you may be thinking right now will some one ever pick me? You are checking your website manager to see how many people have looked at your profile and trying not to make personal plans because you could get called at any moment.

The advise we can give you is to hold on and don’t worry it will happened. When it does you will be ready and be get ready to change your life for over. All we can say is that it will happen.

God Bless you and we pray you will soon be match with a birth mom that will give you little miracle.

Happy Holiday.

Written by Jason Granillo

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