9 Ways You Can Afford Adoption: Fundraising Ideas

So you have decided to adopt! You are committing to provide a loving and nurturing home and the gift of a family to a child. You likely have many questions at this stage about the process of adoption. One of the number questions couples have is “Can we afford it?” Adoption can be expensive and fundraising is sometimes a necessary step in the adoption process.Many of Adoption Network’s Adopting Parents raise funds to help cover the costs of their adoption. Over the years, we have heard all the wonderful and creative ways our waiting families have raised money and we want to share our list with you.

  1. Write a letter –Writing a letter is the easiest way to start fundraising. Write a letter/email sharing your story about why you are adopting, details about your adoption (if you know them), why you need help covering the costs, and how they can donate. Capture their heart with your story. Send this to everyone you know. Post it to social media – over and over. You might be surprised that people want to donate and be part of your family’s adoption story.
  2. Garage sales – Yes, the dreaded garage sale! Hosting a successful garage sale can be hard work but they can also raise a lot of money. Ask your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to add items to your collection. Advertise, make signs, and get the word out.
  3. Food sales and restaurant fundraisers – Bakes sales, cookie stand at your local Farmer’s Market, chili cook-offs, ice cream socials, and other food fundraisers are a fun and creative way to earn money. You can also ask a local restaurant to give you a date and time and whoever comes in on that day and mentions your fundraiser will automatically donation a portion of their meal price to your fundraiser.
  4. Selling handmade items – If you are crafty, then get to crafting! Quilts, signs, paintings (get kids involved), arts & crafts, handmade jewelry, and nursery items are great to sell on online sites like eBay, Craigslist and Etsy.
  5. The Envelope Adoption Fundraiser – This is fun game that involves writing a number in an envelope and receiving it back with that dollar amount inside. It is great for holiday parties! Read the rules HERE.
  6. Adoption Grants and nonprofit organizations – Nonprofits like the ABBA Fund and Joseph’s DreamCoat offer adoption financial assistance. There are also organizations and foundations that offer grants to hopeful parents like The National Adoption Foundation and A Child Waits Foundation.
  7. Ask your community – A creative way one of Adoption Network’s Adopting Parents raised funds was to pass out baby bottles with their story printed on it to their church, local schools, local stores etc. asking people in their community to insert donations. This can be less intimidating than face-to-face asking.
  8. com – They offer products that families can sell via catalog or direct sell to help meet their fundraising goals.
  9. com and gofundme.com – Online sites that provide the tools you need to create an engaging, successful campaign to raise money for adoption.

I hope we have offered you some ideas to fundraise for your adoption! The cost can seem overwhelming but even trying a few of these ideas can yield big results and get you that much closer to the family you are dreaming of.

Written by Jason Granillo

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