Brady and Janean

Married Since: 2017

Pets: Yes

Stay at Home Parent: Part-Time

Other Adopted Children at Home: No

Other Biological Children at Home: No

We can’t express how grateful we are that you’re reading our profile nor can we write anything that adequately describes how brave we know you are. We’re honored that you’re considering our family.

Brady and Janean

from Colorado


Ancestry: British, Scottish, Irish, German, Swedish

Religion: Christian

Occupation: Associate Director of Digital Marketing

Education: BA

Hobbies: Baseball, Football, Hiking, Walking, Biking, Concerts, Playing softball


Ancestry: Italian, Swedish, Polish, Irish, English, Scottish

Religion: Christian

Occupation: Clinic Owner/Psychologist

Education: PhD

Hobbies: Cooking, Reading, Baking, Drawing, Learning guitar, Baseball


Preferred Ethnicity of Baby: All Races / Ethnicities

Preferred Gender of Baby: Either

Religion Child To Be Raised: Christian


Dear Expectant Mother,

We can’t express how grateful we are that you’re reading our profile nor can we write anything that adequately describes how brave we know you are. We’re honored that you’re considering our family. We don’t know exactly how you’re feeling reading this but, please know, we already pray for you and baby every day.

We’ve always wanted to adopt and after trying to conceive a biological child, we felt set on this path. We’d like you to know that your baby will be loved unconditionally and supported as they grow into their own unique self. Our family is loving, warm, and hilarious (if we can humbly say so!). We refer to our family as our “pack” because we have a golden retriever and three cats who are ready to add a little brother or sister to our loving home. We value education, hard work, and open communication in our family, even if we need to talk about hard things.

Our family makes time for each other and for the activities we value such as time with friends, church, reading, spending time in Colorado’s beautiful settings, and watching sports. We prioritize keeping a clean home and having family dinners at the table as many nights a week as possible.

If you were to honor us by choosing our family, you can count on your baby being loved beyond words. We feel strongly that children need to be allowed to develop without feeling controlled, by being empowered as we teach them what they need to know based on how old they are, and that children need to be supported as they unfold, showing us who they are in the world. We’re excited to support them in their passions and interests as they grow be that music, sports, academics or anything else.

We are privileged, fortunate, and thankful to have the life we do, allowing us to live in an extremely nice neighborhood full of gorgeous parks, playgrounds, and several top-rated schools. We also are blessed to have wonderful, fulfilling careers that allow us flexibility and time to be home with kids and to model what fulfilling, meaningful work looks like. Brady works as an Associate Director at a marketing agency and Janean owns and runs a clinic she operates as a psychologist. Our family values compassion, open communication, and supports one another in all our pursuits.

We identify as Christian and attend a progressive, LGBTQ+ affirming church. We believe no one can be separated from God’s love and that all of His children are perfect as is. Our family deeply resonates with Micah 6:8 that shares what the Lord requires of us “to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.” At our best, we hope we live up to this and we try to do better when we know we fall short.

Our family is full of laughter, as we usually crack each other up to the point of losing our breath multiple times per week. We’re each other’s best friend and are looking forward to adding a new person to our bunch. We want to provide your child with a great education, a loving home, and fun experiences like vacations, sporting events, and dinners with our friends and family.

We’ve waited for several years to have a baby and, though the wait has been difficult, we know and trust that God will bring the exact right child into our lives. If that happens to be the baby you’re placing with us, we can never do enough to express our gratitude and marvel at your strength in doing so. But, we can assure you that your baby will have a happy life in a fun, compassionate family who couldn’t be more excited or honored to be their parents. We’re so thankful you’re considering us and want you to feel loved and honored as you read this.

Brady & Janean


Tell us about your home and neighborhood.

We live in Colorado, in one of the most desirable neighborhoods. It is safe and has great schools. The neighborhood has lots of young families and fun amenities for children like parks, playgrounds, and pools. Our neighborhood is easily accessible to downtown and about an hour from the foothills of a major mountain, for a weekend getaway.

When you have a 3-day weekend, what you like to do?

Because we live in beautiful, sunny Colorado we try to take advantage of the wonderful setting and like spend time in the mountains grabbing a bite by the mountain lake, going on a very easy hike, or spending time with our dog in off-leash areas. We also enjoy time at home to cuddle, read, stream TV and prepare home-cooked meals.

Do you have pets? If so tell us about them?

We call our family our pack because we have one dog and three cats, and, we stick together. Our golden retriever, Hank, is nearly three; he is the living embodiment of joy, always up for fun and excited to see his humans. We also have three cuddly, loving, Siamese mix cats, named Arthur (everyone’s buddy), Michael (observant and academic), and Lillian (our rebel who challenges our authority).

What do you hope to teach your child(ren)?

We hope to teach them many things but chief among them is compassion. We consider compassion to be love plus action. We hope to raise children who are attuned to the needs of others, caring, loving, and who want to be a part of making the world a better place for everyone. We try to live our values of Christianity through an inclusive lens, firmly believing God loves everyone, no exceptions and we are to love as God has taught us to love, without exception.

What will you tell your child about his or her birthmom?

We will tell our child that his/her life with us is borne out of your incredibly selfless choice to place him/her. We want our child to grow up knowing that you love them and made an incredible sacrifice. We are happy to share more of your story with them as is age-appropriate. We believe it is healthy for the child to know about you and would never speak negatively about you.

Are you active in your church? Tell us about your activities.

We attend a progressive Christian church that is openly LGBTQ+ affirming. Our church is extremely diverse in many ways including racially (there are many transracial and adoptive families). Janean occasionally teaches in the Children’s Ministry, helping children to ask important questions and guiding them as they explore their beliefs without controlling or dictating how they should feel/act/believe. We also participate in church dinners and host small group dinners for fellow members from time to time.

How will a child enrich your life?

We can’t think of anything more meaningful than our relationship with your child. We’re excited to share in all the good and tough times with them, loving them, supporting them, challenging them to be their best self and try hard, and bearing witness to who they grow into as their own person.

Describe your last vacation and/or day trip

We recently went to Hawaii which was a blast! It was such a blessing to be in a gorgeous setting, surrounded by natural beauty to relax and enjoy our company. We looked up where to eat by researching what restaurants had been on the show, Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. The recommendations didn’t disappoint! We plan to return to Hawaii regularly.

Will you be a stay-at-home parent? If so, what are your day-to-day plans?

We both work full-time jobs but are fortunate to work jobs that have flexibility. Janean will discontinue working on Fridays so she can be home all day with baby and will be able to do fun things like go to the zoo, spend time outside, or check out a sports game. Brady is fortunate to be able to primarily work from home. We plan to hire a nanny to provide care while Brady is home and needs to work on client meetings.

Will you be returning to work? If so, describe your day-care plans.

We plan to return to work roughly two months after the birth, building from part-time back to working full-time. We are both able to do a significant chunk of our work at home.

When you close your eyes and see yourself holding your precious baby in your arms, what are your thoughts regarding his or her birth mother?

When we look at our child, we’ll always know that we couldn’t have experienced this without you. We are forever thankful and will always keep a place for you in our hearts and prayers.

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