Jacob and Serene

Married Since: 2007

Pets: Yes

Stay at Home Parent: Yes

Other Adopted Children at Home: No

Other Biological Children at Home: Yes

We know you are trying to make the best decision you can for your child and we can only imagine your pain and heartbreak. It is our deepest hope that we can guide your baby to be everything that they are meant to be and we hope to make you so proud of their life.

Jacob and Serene

from Texas



Ancestry: Indian

Religion: Christian

Occupation: Maintenance Manager

Education: MS

Hobbies: Scuba diving, Coin and Memorabilia collecting, Hunting, Outdoor activities


Ancestry: Indian

Religion: Christian

Occupation: Stay-at-Home Mom

Education: BDS

Hobbies: Baking, Reading, Gardening


Preferred Ethnicity of Baby: African American / Asian, African American / Caucasian, African American / Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian / Asian, Asian / Hispanic, Caucasian, Caucasian / Hispanic, Caucasian / Indian, Caucasian / Middle Eastern, Caucasian / Native American, Caucasian / Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Hispanic / Middle Eastern, Hispanic / Native American, Hispanic / Pacific Islander, Indian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, Native American Indian

Preferred Gender of Baby: Either

Religion Child To Be Raised: Christian


Dearest Expectant Mom,

We want to start by quoting a verse from the bible that has brought us so much peace through many decisions. We hope it brings you some peace while you are deciding on what is best for the future of yourself and your baby. “So do not fear for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.” – Isaiah 41:10

We know you are trying to make the best decision you can for your child and we can only imagine your pain and heartbreak. We thank you for letting this become something so much more than just that. You are forever loved by us and you will be allowing us the greatest blessing. Even though we have not met you in person yet, I believe God has been directing the path of your life just as He has been directing our steps during all these years before us. We would never have pictured our lives being intertwined like this unless God had directed it.

When we first met in 2007, it was what you would call a leap-of-faith moment. As is for all arranged marriages. I (Serene) knew that if my to-be-husband was willing to work on our marriage every single day, then I knew he would be the one. If he knew that bringing up children to be in the image of God was terribly hard yet the most rewarding, then we would be all set. It wasn’t a Hollywood movie scene at first sight for us. It was a reality check and a leap of faith. That is why our marriage works. We work on it each day during each trial or moment as it comes our way. We deal with life knowing what each other’s strengths are. After marriage, within the first two years, we started planning in our minds what our family vacations with kids would be like. We were certain our babies would love all the things that we love to do: planting sustainable gardens, dance, martial arts classes and reading at libraries. Unfortunately, God had plans that did not involve our own.

Our struggle to have a baby has lasted eight years. We’ve knelt and prayed every day for hours on end, asking God to bless us with a large family that we can bring up to live for His glory. We also wanted to share our hopes, dreams, and most of all, the love that we were so lucky to have found in each other. Along the way, we were given advice of hope and quotes from notable people. In 2012, as we were praying, we started to talk about adoption and how we felt that it was the place we were being routed to. Our lives are the result of that reverent promise that we would be standing together with our arms wide open for the baby that God brings to us through another mommy. And so, this is how we have been brought to you. You and your baby have been in our prayers as our family for the past 8 years. You are and will always be loved by us.

In 2014, we had Michael and Lucas, twin embryos, through IVF. God found it in his heart to take Lucas to be nearer to Him but we were given the blessing of our son, Michael. Even after Michael’s birth, not a week has passed without us talking about our future babies. However, our life circumstances delayed our original plans to start our adoption journey. Our son, Michael was diagnosed with Autism and then later in the year with Crohn’s disease. We decided that we needed to put all of our energy into taking care of him and finding a treatment plan and routine that worked best for him. During certain days, we could do nothing other than holding him during his bad days with Crohn’s disease. We have been through it all with Michael and still have extremely rough days. However, we also have amazing happy days of joy and peace and hope. There is nothing we would change in our lives if we had to do it all over again just to see him smile. We would do this and more for your baby if you choose us as parents.

We want to remind you that as you go through this process, God is holding you in His hands and we are holding yours. He has given you the heart and ability to make the best decision you can and we admire your strength, courage, and faith. If you choose us, we will love him/her unconditionally, and they will know how much you love them. Our family will be by his/her side in whatever obstacles he/she will encounter in life. It is our deepest hope that we can guide your baby to be everything that they are meant to be and we hope to make you so proud of their life. You will always be loved by us. Your baby and our family will always pray for you and thank God for the blessing you are to us every single day.

Serene, Jacob & Michael


Tell us about your home and neighborhood.

We have lived in our current neighborhood for three years now. We moved here so that Jake could be closer to work and so that we could be closer to many of our family members. We are surrounded by lovely and kind friends in this neighborhood. Directly across from our house are our friends, Brandon & Jessie along with their precious one-year-old daughter. She just started to walk and makes frequent trips crossing the street to tap on our front door. On the left side of our house are our neighbors Mike & Layla. They always keep an eye on our house for us when we leave for a doctor’s visit or holidays. Patrick & Jan are directly behind us. They are the most amazing God-fearing couple and have been most helpful whenever we are trying to get information on resources within the city. We are also close to Shini & Joseph, who live three houses down with their two sons. So far, we have done two Thanksgiving dinners together. We are blessed to live in a neighborhood where people care about and look out for each other.

When you have a 3-day weekend, what you like to do?

Typically during long weekends, we start by spending one day at home in order to catch up on chores and to fix or upgrade different parts of our house. For the rest of our weekend, we normally try to visit grandparents or some of our cousins. If there is time, we also try to go to parks, trails, or any type of area that will help our son, Michael engage in some sort of physical activity.

Do you have pets? If so, tell us about them.

We have always loved nature and animals. Currently, we have Clayton, a standard poodle pup, who is 9 months old. He is a super loving member of our family and is gentle and very protective of our son, Michael.

What do you hope to teach your child(ren)?

We believe that God has placed us on this earth to fulfill a purpose. We hope to guide and prepare our children in every stage of life so that they may find and fulfill their purpose in this world. By doing this, we hope to bring glory and honor to God. We want to provide our children with all the love and encouragement that we possibly can give so that they can use their God-given talents for good. We desire to provide them with as many resources in order to help them understand the world around them.

How will a child enrich your life?

As parents, we only know to love our children with everything that we have. We have prayed and longed for this child for years. We love your child already and are eager for them to join our family. Michael loves his cousins and we just know that his love for a sibling would be one that is rare. He deserves to share that love just as much as this baby deserves to be loved.

Describe your last vacation and/or day trip.

During our last trip, we drove down to Austin to see Michael’s gastroenterologist. We try to turn trips like that into mini-vacations and experience what the area has to offer. Last year, we went to California and stayed around the beaches in the Dana Point area. The year before that, we visited Arizona and spent time around the Grand Canyon with grandparents. As a family, we enjoy the outdoors and tend to gravitate to areas that provide a rich nature experience.

Will you be a stay-at-home parent? If so, what are your day-to-day plans?

Serene: I am currently a stay-at-home mom to Michael. I homeschool him and help him obtain the very many therapies that we are blessed to have. With our new baby, I plan to continue this until he/she is old enough to go to school. We attended an amazing storytime group when Michael was smaller. I would love to continue this with your baby. We will continue going to the local children’s gyms and enjoy outdoor activities like visiting parks and nature trails.

When you close your eyes and see yourself holding your precious baby in your arms, what are your thoughts regarding his or her birth mother?

Gratitude: We are grateful that 1. God chose both of us as moms to this baby. 2. She trusts me to love her baby as much as she does. Grief: We are grieving with her as she would be saying goodbye to her baby. We couldn’t begin to fathom the pain she is going through. Awe: We are in awe of the courage that this mom has to do this for her baby. To be able to let go of her lovely baby so we can love them and raise them.

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