Pets: Yes

Stay at Home Parent: No

Other Adopted Children at Home: No

Other Biological Children at Home: No

We don’t know each other yet, but I hope that our paths and our lives are about to intersect around the role of ‘Mom.’  I believe the saying that there is no one way to be a perfect mother, but there are a million ways to be a good one.  The fact that you are reading this today, trying to decide the best future yourself and the baby in your care, tells me that you are looking at which way you can be a good one.


from Colorado


Ancestry: Irish, English, Dutch

Religion: Spiritual

Occupation: Quality Engineering Manager

Education: MS, MBA

Hobbies: Gardening, Home improvement, Art, Family & friends


Preferred Ethnicity of Baby: Caucasian / Asian, Caucasian, Caucasian / Hispanic, Caucasian / Indian, Caucasian / Middle Eastern, Caucasian / Native American, Caucasian / Pacific Islander

Preferred Gender of Baby: Either

Religion Child To Be Raised: Spiritual


Elephants - gentle and majestic
Mexican or Japanese
Thanksgiving - all about family
The Princess Bride
Country or 80's rock ballads
Baseball and Hockey
Subject in School
Anatomy and Physiology
Vacation Spot
Outer Banks of North Carolina
There are no unmixed blessings in life.

From Me to You


We don’t know each other yet, but I hope that our paths and our lives are about to intersect around the role of ‘Mom.’  I believe the saying that there is no one way to be a perfect mother, but there are a million ways to be a good one.  The fact that you are reading this today, trying to decide the best future yourself and the baby in your care, tells me that you are looking at which way you can be a good one.

I too am on the path of finding out what it will take to be a good mother; perfection doesn’t allow us to give ourselves grace or to allow for choices we weren’t planning on.  As you decide on your path forward, I would like to share a bit about me, about why I would like to travel this path with you, and why this path to being a good mom is my first choice.

I come from a family that, through generations, has seen heartache and seen strength. A family that has found what is truly important to them: each other – healthy, happy and loved.  I live in the same town where my great-grandparents were born.  I hear the stories of how each generation before me grew up, how the family has grown but stayed here, and how the community built was what sustained them.  How we can meet a second cousin at a kickball game when we haven’t crossed paths in ten years.

I have found myself navigating the path of life with friends and family, but have yet to find my Prince Charming; he may be late or maybe he is lost.  But throughout this journey of life I have always known that my route to motherhood would be different.  That my dreams and my heart call for me to build a family and love a child who does not share my DNA.  That a soul finds the family it was meant for before it is born.  I have known this is true since I held the first baby I knew was going to be loved by her parents regardless of the genes they did not share.

You may wonder how I can know these things. Well, life has taught me that many things are possible, and that things that don’t turn out the way we planned are because the universe has other plans for us.  I have a job that I love, even though I didn’t even know it existed when I finished school.  I have a house that I love and I learned that I can fix up most of it alone and to call for help when I need it.  I have learned that order of events does not matter.  That being a mom doesn’t require a partner, it just requires love and time (and maybe a desire for adventures in midnight feedings and dodging Legos).  Those are all things that I am just waiting to share with the family, with the soul that needs to find me as part of their journey.

Every one of us in our lives hopes to find those who support us, encourage us, fight for us, and commiserate with us.  As I have always known that this would be my journey, I also built that tribe who can be these things for the next step, before I even knew I would need them.  These friends have also realized love through the adoption journey: children of different races, ages, stories of foster care and private adoption.  This tribe exists in my life to show me the way for the next stage of my journey.  To support, encourage, fight for and commiserate with me when the next part of this journey begins.

So as you read this letter, as you decide what your next steps will be, as you continue to find the one of a million ways to be a good mother, I hope you think of whether our paths will cross.  I hope to walk the next stage with you, whether it is close by or just comfort in knowing that another walks beside you guarding, protecting, loving and encouraging that same small life.



My Dog, Riley

The pet joy of my life is a corgi named Riley. He spends his days dedicated to clearing the yard of all things and taking care of his people. He is a herding dog at heart. While I mostly live alone and he sees his job as my foot warmer and doorbell, when my nephew Dakota is over for a “spendy” Riley will desert me to protect him. Riley shows his love for Dakota by sleeping in front of his door, following him around and herding him back towards me if we are separated. In some ways Riley has had a great life in how spoiled he is with toys, sleeping on the couch and walks. In other ways he has had his troubles with food allergies, and back issues. The adversity of these has not changed his dog joy, nor has it changed my joy in his company. A little work is well worth the love he gives to everyone in return.


My Family and Friends

It takes a village to raise a child and my village is full of people brought to my life both as the family I was given and the family I have made. My parents live not far from me, in the same home I grew up in. My two sisters and their families are also close by. My nuclear family is close, both in geography and in relationships. We have Sunday coffee together to catch up, Friday homemade pizza gatherings and holidays. My village of friends is a source of enjoyment and is varied in both how we became friends and the life experiences that they bring with them. Work friends, school friends, friends met through other friends, exercise friends, friends with kids and those who choose not to, young and old in age, young and old in the time we have known each other. I believe that we are a sum of all of our experiences, and the experiences of those who we connect with. The village with which I hope to raise a child is one that I couldn’t be more proud of being a member of.


My Home

My home is one that I have worked to build from a house into a home. I live in a suburb in a two-story, traditional home in an established, traditional neighborhood. I bought the house a few years ago from a family where it had served its purpose as a house for them, but it needed love and attention to have the feeling of a home. The time between then and now has been a combination of labor of love to bring out the details and the beauty of it and a version of the movie, “The Money Pit” for all of the things gone wrong. I have been working my way through the house, from top to bottom, remodeling it, mostly doing the work myself where I have the expertise, the tools, the time and the strength to do so, because there is pride in figuring out how to make things new again. As I write this, only one interior room remains untouched, someday the purple bathtub and the blue fixtures will find a new home. The immediate neighborhood I call home is not only nice from all of the traditional metrics of schools and safety, but it is also full of genuine people. My neighbors are amazing people, a mix of retired and young families, trade workers and office workers. The neighbors are the kind who talk across the fences or gather in the middle of the street, have backyard BBQ’s inviting anyone they see, asking about each other and creating a true sense of friendship.


My Hobbies

I spend my time outside of work doing a variety of activities, I am a scientist with the heart of an artist and a side of activism. Since moving from a rental to a home of my own, I have found a love of gardening. To see things grow and thrive and return year after year has its own joy. While I wait for those things to happen each season, it has also taught me patience. I get to design and imagine what to grow and what to plant that adds to the variety and beauty that I see in my head. When inspiration strikes, I also spend my time creating art. These days it comes through photography and painting. Outside of the home I spend time in my community finding fulfilment through service. I have spent my time in community outreach through Junior League membership and I am an advocate for public education and environmental issues in my community.



When I think of traditions I think first of holidays. Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and sisters, around the same dining room table that they have had since they were married. That same table now sits in my dining room as my mom inherited the one she used to sit around last year. Christmas Eve dinner with cousins, aunts and uncles, up until my Grandmother could no longer live in her house, it was the same place with the same atmosphere for 50 years. The location is different now that the house is no longer in the family, but the tradition remains the same, it is about being together and having the shared history of the last decades of times we have done the same. We have started some of our own now that my sisters are having children. We read “The Red Ranger Came Calling” each year after the kids have changed into their Christmas jammies. There are other things that have just always been part of the events of a year. Every birthday includes dinner at a German restaurant. Each year my mom gets season tickets to the theater to see the shows that come to town, following in my grandmother’s footsteps and bringing whoever with her that wants to go. Each spring brings back baseball, though we no longer have season tickets, there are still games to attend, and memories of other baseball milestones we have been present for.


Vacations and Leisure Time

Vacations are all about exploring, the people, the sites and the food. The challenge is that every year I want to go somewhere I have never been before. This could be a state or town that I have not been to or a new country. Sometimes those travels are with large groups or multiple family members, sometimes it’s solo. I’m excited that the travel opportunities will continue with the addition of a child. It will bring new excitement of seeing things through their eyes as well. Trips will be different, more planning needed, but exploring the world around me is something that I can’t wait to pass along to a child. My most recent travel has been largely international, a trip to Israel, to discover the history of the region and the religion that shaped it. Prior to that was time in Wales, Scotland and England. I have also spent time enjoying Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, India, Japan and Canada. Travel has also taken me to 26 different states in this country so far and so many more to go.


Why I'm Choosing to Adopt

My parents are the sentimental sort that keep items like the program from my kindergarten graduation. In that program, next to my name is the thing I want to be when I grow up as of age 5. For me, that was to be a mom. In my life I have always envisioned that at least part of getting that job would be through adoption. They say that adoption is a journey of faith. For me this is faith that the soul who needs me for the courage and love that I have for them to achieve all they can, will find their way to me. Faith that the soul who will touch my heart and change my life forever, will find me.


What Your Child's Life will be Like

Let me share with you the type of childhood I am hoping to provide this new soul, this gift. I have a full-time job at a company that has great flexibility in work schedule, so am looking to begin our family with a reduced work schedule and work from home in combination with group child care. I want to see as many milestones of their life as possible, but still need to provide for them. I also believe that social interactions are important, learning to interact with other children, learning behavioral cues, making friends and playing are all important to their development. I also know that role models are what they see and I want them to see that their mom is strong and smart and can do anything, the same way that they can. We will travel, once travel is safe again, to see parts of the country and parts of the world. To learn history and dialect and society of things that are different from where we live, to appreciate the differences in the world around us, to respect that there are those who have different experiences and different views and that it is okay. We will spend time exploring museums, theater, music, sporting events, festivals or other opportunities to find the things that feed their curiosity, feed their desires, to feel safe to try new things and know that they will be supported even if they fail. While it would be easy if they share joy in the same activities I do, gardening, community service, the arts and baseball, what I want them to share more is that they got the chance to experience life and decide what makes them happy. In the end I want them to be able to look back on everything that they saw and did and the people they met along the way and say “no matter how big or small my impact, I have left that part of the world a better place than I found it.”

What I will Tell Your Child about You

Above all I will be honest with your child in an age appropriate way. Without knowing your story and your feelings it is difficult to know exactly what that will look like, as I will respect your wishes as well for what you are comfortable sharing with me. I hope that it will include information about who you are, maybe what they got from you (their eye color or their smile or the color of their hair) so that they know more of their history. No matter your story, or what I know of it, I will be able to convey to them that they came to my family through an act of love, that their happiness was what mattered more than anything else happening in the world. Much of the rest of what they learn about you as they grow up will be up to you and up to them.

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  • Hi, We are honored that you are considering us! Lisa, our adoption specialist at Adoption Network, will be reaching out to make sure your needs are being met and your questions about adoption are being answered. She will help us get in touch with each other. We can’t wait to connect with you!