Baby G Finds His Forever Family after a Tough Start

Birth Mother delivered a little boy on August 10, 2012.  When he was four months old, Child Protective Services removed him from his Birth Mother’s care due to her drug problem.  This baby boy, who was now a dependent of the juvenile court system, was placed with his grandparents for several months.  In April of 2013, the grandparents could no longer care for him, and the baby was put into temporary foster care.

The dependency system started their investigation and discovered that the baby’s father was one of three different men.  DNA tests were performed, and it was determined who the biological father is.  The Birth Father never knew that the Birth Mother was pregnant.  In fact, the Birth Father met his son for the first time just prior to the court system awarding him full custody.

The court system did not help the Birth Father and the little boy.  While it did not set up review hearings or any type of reunification plan with the Birth Mother, at the same time, it allowed the Birth Mother to hold on to her parental rights to the baby…she simply was not allowed to have physical custody of him.  It was as if the system simply handed this child over to the Birth Father and then washed its hands of the ordeal.

The Birth Father tried his best to care for his son but soon realized that he was not equipped to give this child the life he deserved.  The Birth Father called Adoption Network Law Center in August of 2013 and shared his story.  Could ANLC help set up a private adoption plan to give stability, security and love to this baby?

At this time, the Birth Mother was in jail in Northern California.  ANLC reached out to attorneys in the area to help, but none wished to be retained to talk to the Birth Mother about forming an adoption plan for her child.  If an adoption were to happen, it would be up to ANLC to make it so.

The first thing to do was to reach out to the Birth Mother and approach the subject of adoption with her.  Over the course of several months, ANLC attorney Wendy McGreevy became the Birth Mother’s “pen pal” while in jail.  She wrote to the Birth Mother, introduced herself and let her know that the Birth Father wished to give their son the gift of a loving, adoptive, forever home.  How did she feel about placing her baby for adoption?  The Birth Mother was understandably emotional.  She did not say “yes,” but she also did not say “no.”  There was a small window of opportunity to make an adoption happen, but ANLC knew that she would need time, space and respect to come to a decision herself.

While the attorney worked the legal angles of the potential case, ANLC Client Liaison Danielle Stevens and ANLC Adoption Adviser Tammy Ramsay were instrumental in finding a family that would take the huge leap of faith of caring for this sweet little boy in the meantime.  J and L were those parents.  They took the child into their hearts and home, without the guarantee that it would result in a permanent placement.

For five months, J and L parented little boy G while ANLC continued to keep the line of communication open with the Birth Mother.  Those efforts and faith paid off.  When she got out of jail, she reached out to Wendy with more questions, and eventually…on her own time and within her own comfort level…decided that placing little boy G for adoption with J and L was the best thing for everyone.

The Birth Parents voluntarily surrendered their parental rights of little boy G in favor of a private adoption in March of 2014.  After an official post-placement period of time, a judge pronounced little boy G’s adoption final.

G is an engaging and sweet little boy.  He loves his big sister, his parents and trucks!  His future is secure thanks to the selfless and courageous decision by his Birth Parents and the love of his Adoptive Parents.

This story certainly shows that each adoption is unique, and sometimes, thinking “out of the box” can result in a beautiful thing!

Written by Jason Granillo

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