David and Kathy

I sit here reflecting on the journey that got us to this place in our family; this completeness that never was before. When you think of how things just fit together, like a jigsaw puzzle, it causes you to look at the wheels that were set in motion. The decision to adopt comes, for some, after a road full of hardship and pain from loss and disappointment. When you reach that point in your life, you need someone who has faith bigger than yours that things will work out, and the means to put the wheels into motion for you. ANLC was able to do that for us.

When you begin your adoption process, knowing which professional to use is a scary start. For us, it was the same overwhelming feeling of wondering who to go with, which type of service would give us the best opportunity for exposure, and who had the largest expectant parent base to show our profile. It is quite a daunting feat! Upon receiving a follow up call back from ANLC after an internet query, I knew immediately we were on the right path. At our consultation, all of our questions were answered, our fears were talked about, and the decision was left up to us. What were we waiting for? The decision to go with ANLC to bring our daughter into our family was a natural decision for us. At every turn we were met with kind words, encouragement, and returned phone calls. When we asked for references, they were freely given and each couple we spoke to was open and honest about their experience and expectations. We were scared, but confident. Our Consultant was available to us by email or by phone any time we needed her. Our process was timely and exciting. We knew exactly how many hits our profile got each month and how many paper profiles were handed out.

At a time in your life where nothing is within your control, we were offered support and guidance. The waiting is the hardest part but the day we received “the call” will be etched in our minds forever. While being presented with an expectant mom that was interested in our family, we were given full disclosure, able to ask questions, and talked with her that night on the phone. We were smitten, but realistic. Then the real wait and fear began while we waited for the birth of a child we prayed would be our daughter. During this time, the birth mother Advisor kept in close contact with us. We had scheduled weekly calls, but spoke almost every day. She was our lifeline. And the lifeline of our daughter’s birth mom. ANLC did a wonderful job keeping us up to date while providing for the emotional and physical needs of the expectant mom that chose us. They were able to get her into counseling, take her to doctor appointments, and provide us with one on one glimpses into her personality and heart. A journey that is hard for both sides of the road, had a middle ground that we are forever thankful for. When our daughter’s birth mom went into labor three weeks early, we were called immediately. We travelled 1900 miles and were with our daughter 18 hours after her birth. She has been in our arms every moment since.

From the beginning questions of our adoption journey through the finalization, the staff at ANLC has always been there. We were lucky enough to have our daughter delivered in California where their office is located and we were able to meet in person several key staff in our walk. Adopting is a scary path, with many painful life events that bring you and your family to that decision. But it doesn’t have to be. ANLC was our beacon in the dark, scary waters that led to completing our family. For that, we are eternally grateful.

Written by Jason Granillo

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