David & Ashley

On November 30, our lives were forever changed. The happiness and sense of completeness that we felt when we held our newborn son for the first time cannot be put into words. It was the end of an adoption journey that began just over a year prior, but it was just the beginning of our new life as a family. When we first reached out to ANLC, we were scared, nervous, and anxious as we knew we were heading down a path that neither of us had ever envisioned. However, from the moment we first spoke with an adoption consultant, to the congratulatory phone call we received from our adoption advisor after Hudson’s birth, ANLC was there with us for every step of the way. They gave us comfort. They gave us guidance. Ultimately though, they gave us hope. That hope became a reality on November 30, and we realized, our journey was just now beginning. We cannot thank the staff at ANLC enough for all the encouragement you gave us during our adoption process and we know that if the door for adoption is ever opened again for us, we will be seeking your help once again.

Written by Jason Granillo

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