Jeff & Dawn

It is actually quite difficult to put into words what our adoption journey has been like. Yet, at the moment, I am sitting in the study of our home listening to the sweetest sounds I believe I’ve ever heard. They are coming from our daughter, who is now almost 8 months old.

Jeff and I believe that where we are now and what we have in the life of our daughter is not only a miracle, but also a blessing from God; this whole process was ALL in His timing. We began the journey during the fall of 2009, following infertility trials and much heartbreak. When it seemed almost hopeless, we prayed and asked for direction for our lives and our family since we felt the desire to be parents. We both knew that God clearly desired for us to trust Him and proceed in growing our household through adoption.

We experienced the long process of paperwork and marketing. Then, July, we received the call. A birth mom had selected us and we were so excited to be expecting a baby boy. This adoption opportunity did not work out, and we went through the process of loss and grief. When we acknowledged that God had His perfect hand in this situation, we found peace and rest. Another birth mom selected us the summer of the next year. Yet this opportunity also fell through and we found ourselves going through the same roller coaster ride, but with a deeper dip. Yet in that moment and through the process we knew what was in our hearts, so we continued in faith and with hope.

Then, when we least expected it and definitely could not have been more surprised, we received the “third time’s the charm” call. It was in October that we were again notified that we were selected by a birth mother who was to give birth in December. We were so fortunate to have been able to be there on the day that our daughter was born. To back track for a moment, when we spoke with our contact person through ANLC we were told that the birth mother had shared that, “your profile was the 3rd one in a big stack; my mom and I both pointed at yours and didn’t look anymore. We knew that you were the family!” That was a day when both Jeff and I felt inexpressible joy that we were now parents, but as well there was a confident assurance that God is faithful!

That said, our journey was not without heartache, worry, stress, and at times even doubt. Yet, when God calls you to begin a journey such as adoption, there is never a time when He is not in total control of every situation! Our lives were wonderfully blessed and very happy before the birth of our daughter. Yet, since that day in December, there has been nothing but a sense of overwhelming blessing and more complete joy that has filled our family!

Because of our journey, Jeff and I continue to pray, with empathy, for families who believe that through the adoption process, their families will grow and be blessed. We continue to pray for birth parents that believe that their most selfless act will bring unimaginable joy and happiness to families! And we are so thankful to know that we have the blessing of being parents to our daughter, our handpicked gift from God!

Written by Jason Granillo

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