While all possible choices should be considered in the event of an unplanned pregnancy, adoption presents many unique benefits to everyone involved in the process. Adoption is truly an experience like no other, and its advantages should be taken into account as the Birth Mother makes her decision.

This article lists some of the best benefits of adoption for both the mother and child, which include, but are not limited, to:

1) The Birth Mother Can Continue on With Her Life Plans After the Pregnancy.

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This is one of the biggest motivating factors for young women choosing adoption. Many people underestimate the degree to which a child can change absolutely everything about a person’s life. Especially if the woman is to become a single parent, they would have to devote a vast majority of their time to the needs of the child, and would find that their ability to develop themselves professionally and otherwise is cut severely short.

For many young women, choosing parenthood would mean relinquishing everything they have worked hard to achieve, and the mother should not have to be forced to completely change her life when there is another option available to her.

Some women choose adoption to entirely cut short the amount of time and energy they would have to otherwise dedicated to pregnancy, which is also an option. Adoption, however, allows a woman to carry through a pregnancy if she is uncomfortable with abortion, and still gives her the leeway to continue with her life after the pregnancy is over. Not to mention, in the end, another family is blessed with the life of your child.

2) In Many Circumstances, Adoption is the Least Expensive Option.

In most adoption situation, the Birth Mother’s pregnancy costs will be covered, in majority, by the Adoptive Family, as if they are having the child themselves. In many states, the Adoptive Family will sponsor the Birth Mother in other ways, providing her with at least some of her other living costs (though there is generally an imposed limit on how much support she can receive). It is, of course, entirely free to create an adoption plan your child, and the only ones who have to pay fees are the Adoptive Parents.

It is not selfish for a Birth Mother to be motivated by financial reasons: on the contrary, she knows herself and her situation, and she believes that her child will benefit from growing up with parents who will not struggle financially to raise him or her.

3) Birth Mothers May Still Be A Part of Their Child’s Life.

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Open adoptions are an increasingly popular phenomenon nowadays, and many Birth Mothers are eager to take this option so that they can maintain contact with their child.

In an open adoption, the Adoptive Family and the Birth Mother can work out the degree of contact that would be best for all involved parties. The Birth Mother also has the ability to select a different family, should the desires of the Birth Mother do not match up with the family’s. Allowing the Birth Mother to establish what kind of contact she would like to have with her child gives her the ability to see her child grow up.

4) Children Benefit from Adoption and Are Just as Successful as Their Peers.

There have been many studies that show how adopted children function just as well as their non­adopted peers, and some factors are even improved in the adopted population. According to a study sponsored by the U.S Department of Education, adoption has the following positive effects on the children involved:

  • Children were reported with excellent physical health as the rest of the population. (85%)
  • The same amount described themselves as close and happy with their parents. (81%)
  • Adopted children are more likely to be read and told stories to than other children.
  • Adopted children are more likely to participate in after­school activities.

Additionally, another study from Illinois Wesleyan University claims that the overall success of the adopted child is determined much more by environment than it is by biology. Adoptive Family situations are just like Birth Parent situations: it all simply depends on the kind of environment that the child was raised in, and the child’s lack of biological ties to his or her parent does not affect their development and well­being in the long run.

5) There are so Many Adoptive Families who Want to Give a Child a Loving Home.

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There are thousands of families who want to adopt a child, and that number is only growing. Whether they are seeking to adopt because of infertility issues or simply because they feel that adoption is the right path for them, there are so many loving families who are looking for a child they can devote themselves to.

The screening procedures for adoption are incredibly detailed and rigorous. Therefore, while you are still able to select the adoptive family, you can be assured that you are choosing from an array of excellent options, all of whom are eager to give a child a chance at a happy, healthy, and successful life.

While every option in the event of an unplanned pregnancy has its advantage and disadvantages that should definitely be considered, it is hard to deny that adoption has many unique benefits that can not be experienced through any other means. The Birth Mother is able to have the amazing experience of being a mother, while still being able to pursue her dreams and desires.

Benefits of Adoption

Unsure about how adoption will impact your life, family, and your child? Adoption Network can help soothe your uncertainty with these resources explaining why adoption is so beneficial to everyone involved in the process. For Birth Mothers, we cover everything from giving your child a better life and providing needed opportunities to reclaiming your own life through your career and education. For Adoptive Parents, we cover the fulfillment of adoption in your relationships, your family, and for you, as well as the huge blessing it is to your adopted child.