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Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be scary; there are so many uncertainties. Your plans for the future are suddenly in question. What will you do? Where can you turn? What is the best option for you and your future? What is the best option for your child and their future? However, you have options to consider when facing an unexpected pregnancy, and we can help.

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We know what you're going through. With decades of experience, we can help you find the answers.

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Search Pre-Qualified Families

Adoption is your choice. You choose the perfect family who will love your child while providing them with a happy and healthy home. You decide how open you'd like the adoption to be.

Housing Assistance

You deserve safe and secure housing, providing privacy and a place to avoid conflict. We will help secure appropriate housing for you should you need it (in accordance with state law).

Financial Assistance

May be available for pre-natal medical expenses and living expenses (in accordance with state law).

“Adoption is the most unselfish expression of love that there is... Making this sacrifice for the well being of my child was what gave me that peace that nothing can replace...”
Abby, Birth Mother

FREE Birth Mother Assistance - Adoption Is A Gift

As a Birth Mother, you make all of the decisions.
You choose the Adoptive Parent(s) based on your preferences. Adoption Network Law Center will make profiles of Waiting Families available to you. All families waiting to adopt must meet their state's home study requirements prior to adopting, so you can feel assured that a warm, secure and loving home will be provided for your child.
To assist you during and after your pregnancy, Adoption Network Law Center offers:
  • An Adoption Advisor to assist you in creating a personalized adoption plan to meet your specific needs.
  • Transportation and 24-hour emergency access to our Adoption Advisors.
  • Office and support network available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Financial assistance with medical coverage and living expenses (as allowed by state law).
  • Safe and secure housing if you need living assistance.

Waiting Families

Giving a Baby Up For Adoption
Is Not Giving Up

Why You Aren’t Giving Up
Though many people have the potential to become a parent, not everyone is ready to raise a child, especially when pregnancy comes at an unexpected time. There are many reasons why a parent may be unable to care for their child. Though creating an adoption plan for your child can be incredibly painful, making this decision is actually a tremendous act of love.
  • Creating an Adoption Plan is a Loving Sacrifice
  • It Doesn’t Mean You’ll Never See Your Child
  • You're Doing What's Best
Choosing adoption for an unintended pregnancy is not "giving up." It is, in fact, a powerful act of love that places your child’s needs above your own needs and wants. By placing your child, you’re giving them a better life. Rest in this truth and know that you will always be their parent, and they will always be your child.

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