What Does it Mean to be an Adoptee

Adoption isn’t a phase that one experiences for a period of time. It’s a lifelong journey for everyone involved; Birth Parent, Adoptive Parent, and Adoptee. Everyone’s experience with adoption is unique, so as an adoptee, the ways that your adoption will affect you will be equally unique. No two adoptees will experience the exact same… Read Full Article

Picture and Letter Correspondence With Birth Parents

Adoptees have two sets of parents. This can be confusing to a young adoptee. An adoptive parent shares how her adopted son reacts to seeing pictures of his birth parents. At an early age, I introduced both of my kids to pictures of their birth parents. I talked about adoption at birth, but I held… Read Full Article

Ask The Adoption Coach: Celebrating an Adoption

Reader: I’m in the process of adopting my cousin whom I have had since he was 3 and is now 7. Next week if all goes as planned I will be adopting him. I told his teacher that I could come in and bring a treat to celebrate his “name change” do you have any… Read Full Article

Ask The Adoption Coach: Starting School and Disclosing Adoption

Reader: With school getting ready to start, should I tell my child’s teacher that my child was adopted? Adoption Coach:Dear Reader: This is a question I’ve had myself a few years ago when one of my children started preschool, and I believe it’s a very common concern among adoptive parents. My friends who are fellow… Read Full Article

Ask the Adoption Coach: Addressing Adopted Son’s Questions

Reader: I’m starting to get lots of questions from my son, just in our evening conversation. I want to answer everything right, not answer more than he asks, and make it feel natural—but it breaks my heart. Are there wrong or right answers, or things to stay away from? Adoption Coach:  Dear Reader: Thank you… Read Full Article

Adoption Reunion: A Success Story

From adoption, to adoption reunion to adopting—this is my story. I was born October 15th, 1979 to a young mother of 20 years old. She was living a life she wanted me to be raised in. With only three options (abortion, adoption, or parenting), she chose adoption. Both our lives would be forever changed with… Read Full Article

Adoption Story: Dylan, My Gift

Dear Dylan, This is your adoption story and how you joined our family. Your adoption story On one sunny morning, Stephanie, your “tummy mommy,” found out she was going to have a baby. That baby was you. She knew she loved you so much that she wanted you to have a better life than she… Read Full Article

Adoption Stories: Interview with 5-Year-Old Adoptee

Many adult adoptees graciously share their adoption stories. Many adult adoptees graciously share their adoption stories rich with deep emotion—both good and bad—stemming from being adopted. Trading adoption stories with these adults has made me look at parenting an adopted child a little differently. It has caused me to stop and think about how my… Read Full Article

My Birth Mother: An Adoptee’s Life

I hopped on a plane and went to Houston, Texas to see my birth mother the other day. We went shopping, and fussed over her two terriers, and sat around and watched old movies with my stepdad all weekend. At my request he made silver dollar pancakes for breakfast before driving me to the airport.… Read Full Article

Being Adopted: Looking for Answers

Being adopted at ten years old doesn’t mean I know all about my past and where I come from. For the past ten years, I have wondered where I really came from. I find myself questioning more and more who my birth dad is, where my other brothers are, and whether or not I will… Read Full Article

Adopted Athletes Who Have Competed in the Olympics

  Adoption is much more common than you think, but due to the lack of representation in most media forms, save for shock value, adoption is still viewed as highly rare. Most people only have experience with families where the parents and children are biologically related, so it makes some sense that the idea of… Read Full Article

How Many Adoptees Are in the US?

Many people don’t think of adoption as a “common” occurrence. While there are plenty of adopted children and adults throughout the United States, most people view adoption as a special circumstance in some families. This is mainly due to the likelihood that many people simply don’t have a lot of firsthand experience with adoption. They… Read Full Article

Baby G Finds His Forever Family after a Tough Start

In August a woman gave birth to a beautiful baby boy that we’ll call Baby G. When he was four months old, Child Protective Services removed him from his mother’s care due to her drug problem and placed him with his grandparents. When he was 8 months old, his grandparents decided that they could no… Read Full Article

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