Adoption Themed Must-Reads

Rachel Garlinghouse, adoptive mother and author, reviews a handful of adoption themed books and shares her picks.  Below are some fabulous adoption themed titles to keep you inspired, entertained, and educated. The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns (Margaret Dilloway) Galilee Garner pours her money, energy, and heart into her roses. The one thing that brings her… Read Full Article

The Adoption Symbol

Those that have been touched by adoption often want to share and memorialize their journey in a meaningful manner.  Over the years, many have turned to the adoption symbol to represent that.  The adoption symbol is a triangle intertwined with a heart and is a symbol for both domestic and international adoptions.  The Birth Family,… Read Full Article

Adoption Process: Our Unexpected Family

The adoption process can be a wild ride. Here’s our story. Eleven years ago, I was in the midst of my first pregnancy. Each week that passed was joyful. I practically skipped to work from the bus stop and shopped for maternity clothes the minute my belly popped. On the weekends, my husband and I… Read Full Article

Catching up with 2013 Pro Bono Winners Toby & Stephanie Paschal

Toby and Stephanie Paschal are new parents after adopting their daughter in 2014 through Adoption Network Law Center’s 2nd annual pro bono services in honor of National Adoption Month. After years of trying to have a child, they suffered through three rounds of failed fertility treatments before deciding that adoption was the journey they were… Read Full Article

Pro Bono Services in Honor of National Adoption Month

This is a story about three families. They don’t know each other, and they are all quite unique. In fact, until recently, they really didn’t have much in common at all. The only obvious similarity was their shared experiences of infertility and their heart-wrenching desire to hold their own child. Now they have much in… Read Full Article

5 Thoughtful Ways to Support Your Child’s Birth Mother

Adoption can be a beautiful, and at the same time, difficult time for Birth Mothers. No matter her circumstances, she has a forever connection and love for her child. Placing is difficult. It is the ultimate sacrifice a mother can make, and the connection between Birth Mother and Adoptive Parents will always be. Whether you… Read Full Article

How Did We Get Here?

“How does the youngest of 8 from a small, pristine town on Long Island, New York become owner of Adoption Network Law Center?  Funny story, because I never set out on a path to be a lawyer.  Let me give you a little history: I knew I wanted to get out of the small town… Read Full Article

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