Adoption Successes

I pray that anyone who reads this letter be comforted with God’s loving embrace, to guide you and carry you through whatever your journey entails. If you were to select me to raise your baby, I want to give you a glimpse into what life would be like for him/her and my beliefs regarding what it means to be a parent.
Kyle and Jennie
We are incredibly thankful for you and admire your strength and selflessness. We want you to know that your baby will be so loved and treasured in our lives.
Shae and Heather
We cannot wait to encourage your child to grow into an individual that they want to be, and to see them love something as much as we love them. We know that more than anything we want to raise a child to be confident and believe in themselves.
Kevin and Michelle
We admire you for your courage and kindness of heart that you would consider us to parent your child. As parents of an adorable boy, Nico, we are eager to complete our family with another precious child. We want to thank you for giving us a chance to raise your baby with love.
Daniel and Blair
All we can do is admire your courage and bravery in considering this choice, and we are honored and grateful that you are considering us in this important decision. We would love to be a part of this journey if you will have us.
Luc and Windy
Hello! We’re Windy and Luc, a married couple living in California. We are excited to become adoptive parents through open adoption, and are grateful for your interest in learning more about us. We deeply appreciate you taking the time to learn about us and for considering us...
Steven and Sally
We can promise you that if you choose us as the adoptive parents, your daughter will be given a lot of love and security in a warm and loving home.
Lee and Ryan
We promise to afford a child with everything they will need in life to be happy and successful, starting with a strong foundation of love and support.
Guillermo and Tammarah
We are so excited to grow our family through adoption and are ready to give our all to help shape your child into a strong, generous, and beautiful person. You are demonstrating remarkable love, sacrifice, and courage by placing your child for adoption.
Jared and Jennifer
We have dreamed about having a big family. God has shown us that He has a different plan for our lives, and we have learned to wait for His best. We truly feel that being parents through adoption is our calling, and are reminded of that every day when we are with our son.
Paul and Jennifer
It is our hope that you can get to know us and we can build a trustworthy and caring relationship with you. We truly value your courage and your consideration for adoption of your unborn child.
Trenton and Kristen
We promise that we will provide a home full of love, support, and laughter. We would love the opportunity to talk to you and discuss the dreams you have for your baby’s future. Thank you for reading our story.
Trevor and Molly
How do we communicate to you who we are and why we want to be parents to the baby girl you’re growing so miraculously? How do we thank you for even considering to place her for adoption, choosing to give her life and love with an incredibly grateful couple when there are other, perhaps easier, choices you could make? It seems like an impossible thing to do in one letter, but we can try!
William and Amy
We know that you are faced with making one of the most difficult and selfless decisions a person could make. Although we’re sure that nothing we say can make your decision an easy one, what we can do is reassure you that your baby will be so loved and cared for. All we have ever wanted was to start a family, but unfortunately we are not able to have children of our own. We are so excited to be starting our adoption journey, and hope to make you proud by raising your child to be the best that he or she can be.
Matthew and Beth
We absolutely love children, and we would love to bring another child into our home. If you should choose us as the parents for your baby, we can promise a lifetime full of wonderful family, faith, laughter, and most of all unconditional love.
Daniel and Sarah
We’d like you to know how much we respect your selfless effort to find a caring and loving family for this awesome responsibility. Please know we’d love for you to choose us, but if you choose another couple or make a different choice, we want you, above all things, to find the situation that is best for you and your baby.
Desigan and Renalani
If you don’t already know it, you are an amazing human being. The thought, time, research and energy you have invested in getting to this point, and the concern you have for your baby’s well-being, needs and future makes you an amazing person. We thank you for considering us and our families for the gift of life.
Clay and Aaren
We want you to know that while we cannot know what you are going through, there is an incredible gift, a remarkable chance that comes from it. So many of our heroes have been adopted--from Steve Jobs and Bill Clinton all the way to Luke Skywalker. When you think of those people, we hope you can envision us giving your child the same great chances for achieving their dreams.
David and Ben
We went through a successful adoption of our daughter, Hannah, in 2014, and it was tremendously rewarding for us as a family. We are more confident since adopting our first child that we can be good parents and more importantly can provide a loving home to raise happy, healthy children. We truly respect your decision to choose the right family for your child. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us. 
Matthew and Stephanie
We are so thankful and appreciative for your consideration. You are a very courageous woman and we want to be there to support you and give you comfort in knowing you are placing your baby with a loving, joyful and accepting family. We've always wanted kids very much...
Jonathan and Stephanie
In our home…your child would have a mom and a dad who will hug them every day. Your child would have a safe loving environment to grow up in, physically, mentally and emotionally. Your child would be taught that they are loved by many people; including their birth parents, their adoptive parents and their Heavenly parents. 
Joseph and Dorcas
Greetings to you from us, Luis and Dorcas and our sweet little family, Alex, Trent, and Heidi. We feel honored that you are taking the time to look at our profile and want to give you an honest peak into our lives. We don't know you nor can we imagine the grief and pain you must be going through. However, we feel a deep respect for you for choosing life for the beautiful baby you carry and your unselfish and brave decision. May God truly bless you!
Chris and Dianne
We can only begin to imagine all the thoughts and feelings that you are going through right now as you decide what is best for both you and your unborn child. We would love the honor of having the little life inside of you becoming our child.
Joshua and Jeanne
Having a child together is something we have dreamed about since we met back in 2007. Almost 10 years later, we find ourselves being guided onto a path we always knew would be a part of our story, we just didn't know it would be happening this way. It has been a real test of faith, and today we are very clear there is something much greater at work here. Our hearts are open and we know the child, who will one day refer to us as Mommy and Daddy, will be the greatest and most perfect gift from God. 
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